Saturday, June 24, 2017

End of June

It seems to be the end of something.
  1. My car is still not fixed
  2. We have had bad weather
  3. Our Summer Concert Series is still going on
  4. Our annual doctors appointment is now due
  5. My BP/BS/Weight all look goods

It may be getting towards the end of June but there are items that still need to be taken of. Like my new car. The adjuster called yesterday - finally - and set a date for my car to into the shop to be fixed. It has been over two weeks since it was hit. Then she told me my rental car was approved - but it is a dealer in Lake Charles. Why could you not do one here in Sulphur? I guess you just take the good with the bad.

We just dealt with a tropical storm  - rain and not much wind. Did not really affect us even thought it came right through us.

My wife's concert series has gone on even with rain. It has all been indoors this summer. The Catch A Concert series has been really good this year and her dad has made each one so far.

Friday we went to have Blood work drawn before our Annual Doctor's appointment Monday - of course it's our "annual" but for me it is just another routine 'every three months' routine. Mine is due to my mine stroke, blood pressure, blood sugar, weight issue - which are all good.

All seems to be coming together on Monday - take my car in to be repaired that morning (HOORAY), doctor's appointment that afternoon, concert that evening. WOW!

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