Sunday, October 9, 2016

Brain/body debate

I have had a BIG brain vs. body debate for the last three years but it finally came to a 'head' yesterday. I guess I should begin from the beginning to be able to bring you up to speed. Three years ago I had a mini-stoke, a TIA, as it is known. It happened while I was helping clean up during construction of our new bathroom. Nothing major happen by I could just tell something happen. I 'tried' to finish what I was doing but just couldn't. I had to go up and sit on the porch.

I figured if I just sat for a while my problem would go away. Little did I know what had happened to me. The next day I decided to go to my own family doctor since I was still not feeling well. Her receptionist put me off and gave me an appointment - for a month later. I still did not know what happen, why I was feeling this way, nothing.

I got back in my car and headed home but stopped in at the office of a doctor my wife had used before. I sat for a good while, then visited with the doctor but got no real idea. As I was walking out to the receptionist I felt my left knee sort of give way a bit but nothing major again.

I paid my visit bill and start out the door. As I got to the curb I stepped of it with my left foot a dropped to the concrete. My first sign. I got up made it to the car and came home - bruised by ok.

Things did not get any better but I still manage to get some things done around the job site. But there were things I could not do. Basic, I made excuses that I wasn't feeling well, I over-heated, I got sick, etc.

The job got finished by the carpenters, tile mason, plumber, etc. All while I just watched. Still having no idea what had happened to me.

Months later I went back to my own doctor and told her my story. She checked me out and said I should have "been more forceful with the receptionist" but she did not really say what happen.

She sent me to the hospital physical therapists where they put me thru all types of testing. I could feel/see what they were doing but no one was telling me anything. I was begin to think the worse but still hopping for the best. I was still 'walking' around like normal - sort of, like normal.

This went on for a month or more. The exercises felt good but I could tell things were not getting better. But since NO ONE had said anything I just kept hopping for the best. It's all I could do.

Finally, I went to a third doctor for a x-rays and a consultation. There he made the mistake of telling me what my own doctor had never said - " a mini stroke. Months after the fact. Test, PT, visits, on and on.

Stage 1 - TIA
Stage 2 - TIA

Part two - tomorrow


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