Saturday, October 8, 2016

"trike" fixes and prayers

I spent time tweaking my trike this past weekend. I got my bike flags, order new 'flag' triangles do I could put new HS and college logos on them, ordered a foot strap so I could help keep my left foot on the pedal, and bought a mirror so I can see what's behind me.

I along painted the basket so the colors match my schools.

My wife says I should just "go" in the morning while she is still sleeping. and I guess I will. I would rather wait but she sleeps to late. By the time she gets up she says "it's too hoooooot!" then she won't go - or later it will be "too cooooooold!" and she won't go.

Once I get all my 'fixin's I will just walk the dog then take off. I have a phone, I'm in touch.

We did go pick up a battery for our country mower yesterday which is good. Hope to go out there and do some work Saturday morning.

We then when to Walmart without finding what we needed and then headed to Kroger's. While there we ran in to an old teaching buddy who told me of a 7th grade opening for an American history position at a school 3 blocks from the house. It would be my SECOND favorite teaching position. One it is at a school I have wanted for the last 27 years, a job that I have taught for years, an sometime I have been 'praying' for for years. The ONLY thing better would be to get the Louisiana history job at that school. Was it meant to be?

God, could you be talking to me?

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