Monday, October 10, 2016

Brain vs Body part two

My second step in this journey was taking the info the third doctor accidently mentioned. I took that info back to my own doctor and she said she was sorry, thinking I already knew the info, or that someone else had told me.

I now knew but really did not tell anyone around me. My brain just made excuses, so my "illness" went on and on. I told everyone what I wanted them to hear and I went on thinking about teaching, coaching, subbing, doing keeping things I used to do.

As it went on the doctor was making my appointment every six months then every three months. She was checking on my every movement. What I had to eat, my snacks, my medications, etc.

I was still "walking" the dog time  but I was cat-napping more and more during the day. It helped that my wife was napping during the afternoon too.

Then came the time I tripped and fell. I tried to crawled across the concrete but it hurt my knees. I had my phone and called my wife.
She could not help me so she called my sister, but she was out of town, She gave us a phone number of a neighbor who came and helped. Between the two of them I managed to get back on my feet. I told them that I tripped on a board at the bottom of the steps and twisted my ankle. I now watch that last step very carefully just to make sure.

Then came the next fall. I was trying to put up one of these campaign signs, you know, the ones with the wire stands. The ground was super hard and my foot slipped off and down I went. But this time at least I was in the grass. I crawled to our front porch, reached up to grab a spindle and worked to pull myself upright.

Won't try to do that again. It became just another mistake to "hide". when I went back to my doctor, my wife went with me, everything I tried to tell the doctor, my wife interjected. My doctor believed her, not me. From my weight to my glasses to my blood pressure to my walking/exercise.

I got out of there barely with my life sort of. My wife decided to buy me a trike - a three wheel bike now that the weather is getting cooler. I spray painted the back basket to match our town's team colors and our university team colors. I have ridden it some but decided
I needed to get a foot strap for the left petal. Now I am ready to ride around the corner to my sister's house. I haven ridden over there twice without them being home. our dog rides in the back basket just fine, He actually loves it.

This weekend I went out to our country house to swap the battery and cut the super high grass. It has been so wet, rainy, and then I had a dead battery also. But I got it all working and tried to mow 'some' of the grass. It was going well - sort of - til I hit a section that killed/chocked the mower. As I got off I was going to walk back to the car try and tow the mower when my foot got caught in the very high cut grass - hay of sorts - and down I went. I crawled thru the grass back to the mower and "pulled" myself up. My wife saw me fall. Finally she went an got the car to pull the mower.
It is still setting under a tarp out next to the old barn. I will get back to it sooner or later.
As we came home we decided to run to Walmart to pick up a few items for this
week. Found out that didn't have 'em. My wife suggested we run to Kroger's and we did. While there we ran into a lady we both know well who is now the Social Studies Coordinator for the school system.

She told me that our neighborhood school was looking for a 7th grade American history teacher NOW due to the fact the previous teacher was promoted to Asst. Principal.

My brain went racing. It's at the  school I have been trying to get for years and years and forever! It was my own school, the school I attended, my sister, brother, daughter, son, nephews and nieces attended.

More in the final chapter.

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