Wednesday, July 20, 2016

What a BAD start to the day

I went out early to walk to dog and let him do his business since I got up late today. Got dress and took him out on the porch before I did my BP reading etc. All was going well as we went down the steps ......then it worse fear..... I stepped on the very last step; stepped wrong, twisted my foot; and feel on the concrete. I went down HARD, falling on my butt trying to keep from landing on my cell phone. Like a cat, I  did twist and turn so that I landed on my butt knowing that there would be 'more padding'.

I tried to get up or roll over to crawl to the steps but my knees but work well on concrete. I began to cry with the pain on my knees. I rolled over to my back and texted my wife. She came almost immediately but she could not help me with my weight vs her own. She did clean up my bleeding arm.

With no neighbor's home, she called my sister and found out that they were in Shreveport, but my sister called her neighbor, who came to help. She helped me get back on my feet and such a GREAT help.

Once on my feet, I was OK, but ringing wet from sweat. I climbed back up the steps and when inside to cool off. Then I  went to take a shower. Things began to look better and my wife iced my left knee which took the brunt of crawling and pain. We sat for a while watching a movie till it felt better.

Then I came and began working on a TPT project....

which came out fairly good. From there we had lunch and I started working on this blog.

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  1. I might be in lake Charles but its only a 10 min drive if I speed. Just a phone call away dad if you ever need me or Josh we can be there in no time. Love you!