Thursday, July 21, 2016

Wednesday morning

I just heard from one blogger that she "made some major systemic changes this week with technology and it has been trying at times - for every knot untangled there are two more found." I know the story. After yesterday's fall, my worries have doubled. I spent a couple of hours last night worried about my life and how things have gone and are going.

I worry that if I fall it might be somewhere where there is no help. I worried that I might need the LifeAlert necklace  if not now, very soon. 

I know it sounds weird but I am just beginning to wonder. I am now worried about going out in the country by myself to cut grass.

I worry more about my weight now than I used to, I worry about my left side(my mini-stroke) than I used to...all of this kept me awake for hours last night.

I finally fell back to sleep about 4-ish and was out till 7:30AM. I got up, read my email, read part of the paper, then put my shoes on and took the dog out....then all of it came flooding I began to put him on his leash, I began to think - make sure to hold on the step railing, make sure to make that last step on SOLID concrete, make sure you hold on to railing UNTIL both feet are on solid ground. All of this ran through my brain in about 15-30 seconds. I did it all and things went normally as usual.

We came back up on the porch, I sat in my rocking chair, the dog laid at my feet and all was good. we staid there for about an hour before my wife came check on us. Just another 'near perfect' day.

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