Friday, July 22, 2016

Friday morning.....

Friday morning is a good morning. I have done all the usual plus a few not so usual but hey, it all made it a good morning. It is hot outside and in a few minutes I will go outside and rock while I wait for the Suddenlink guy to come 'fix' my TV and hook up my WiFi. I fially decided it was time to make the change to cable WiFi instead of AT&T Averse WiFi.

Basically Suddenlink 'forced' me into the change but I had been thinking about it for months. I have been getting snail mail, emails, seeing commercials for a long time and suddenly they did the unthinkable - they changed the area's digital cable programing which made me have to change. If I have to change one thing I may as well change it all.

The guy is supposed to be here between 10-12 so who knows. I'm looking forward to an all new system with a much more 'speedy' connection rate - 30-50 mbps.

I need to work on several more TPT projects today as I get closer and closer to the beginning of school. I have been working on....
but it's just got finished about noon.

Got more for tomorrow.

Still WAITING on the Suddenlink guy. He was supposed to be here between 10-12 but here it is 1:20 and I'm still waiting........

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