Monday, July 25, 2016

Sunday/Monday morning and all is good

Sunday morning

Sunday morning and all is good. Last night things went really well - all but the service at Applebee's, Our server got my order completely wrong then had to re-order it. My wife got her order on time and was 3/4 finished with it BEFORE I ever got mine. When done, the bill was not corrected or compensated - he charged use the FULL amount.

Other than that, the night was a success. My wife found and bought all the items she went to look for. Jewelry items for her upcoming project plus shoes she wanted and shoes for our grandson.

This morning all went well and church was great. The sermon talked to me.

Monday morning

This morning my wife took off for her teaching part in the university's Harp Camp for adults. She will be teaching at it all week.

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