Tuesday, June 28, 2016


I am spending my day 'dog-sitting' for my sister-in-law's dog while she and my wife go out and show the mall and run errands. The dog was nervous as they left the house this morning, she was shaking big time but she has been better as the day goes on. She has slept for a while, now she is 'crying' but I don't know why.

Our own cats and dog have gone to sleep to 'cat nap' now that it is in the middle of the day; Chloe has not.

After I got thru dog-sitting I took a short - very short - nap and I began to work on various TPT projects. One I did finish
was about our state parishes. I saw a very similar one on my Pinterest page so I set about modifying it. All the while my wife was off doing her face-painting thing at Kids Night at CiCi's Pizza tonight.

Of course, once I got one finished it was easy to do the other
I KNOW I am not going to make a killing on the price of many of these items but I may make some...at least now my store is up to 491 items.

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