Monday, June 27, 2016

Several Things....

I have several more projects in my head, plus ideas I have been wondering about.e several items in the works, plus several items I have been thinking about. However none of them are finished. I figure if - just IF - I can at least get them started, maybe later I will remember them and can get back to them.

We have been Bayli-sitting my granddaughter, having birthdays all over the month of June (My wife's is today, her sister's is in two days), concerts every Monday night, strings camp for two weeks, plus my sister-in-law just came into town to spend three weeks while her apartment gets ready in Fort Worth.


We need June to get over with. We also had Father's Day,  a trip to DFW for a graduation, doctor's appointments...on and on and on...Plus we have been dealing with a heat wave and almost daily rain.

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