Monday, April 18, 2016

Jazz and heartache

I did get through putting together my Jazz upload...

it was tuff due to my heartache.

I lost my cat Friday night when someone ran over him at a stop sign that THEY did not stop at. I wrote a "letter to the Editor" of our local paper today after having a long restless night last night.

Below is the letter it wrote...

Somebody saw

Somebody saw you ran that STOP sign.
Somebody saw you ran that STOP sign over and over and over again.

Somebody saw you ran that 4-way STOP sign on East End going north.

Somebody saw you ran that 4-way STOP sign on East End going north and south or making a turn on to Jodie/Pinewood Drive.
Somebody saw you ran that STOP sign in a pickup truck; a white one, red one, tan one, gray one but ALWAYS  a pickup truck, both company and personal pickups, Chevy, Ford, Dodge, Toyota ones.

I sit on my porch rocking away when I see you fly through the stop sign like the law/sign means nothing to you. I have seen you coming home for lunch, in mid-afternoon, late afternoon, early evening.
My real problem is that you did not stop Friday night, April 15th, when you KILLED my beloved cat at the STOP sign you did not stop at but three other people have called and said they say you.

My PROBLEM is what if that had been me, my wife, my neighbors, a little kid, the teens walking home from school, a runner, ladies out pushing a stroller, the elderly biker rides, the handicapped. Then how would you feel?
You THINK no one sees you but THEY do. It's a quiet neighborhood and someone ALWAYS sees.

I did get a notice on Facebook today that one of our neighbors did see him late that night and moved him out of the road to the grass and was going to see who he belonged to but his body was gone the next morning.

There are still 'caring' people in this world.

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