Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Said my prayers for O'Malley

Last night before I went to sleep I did say my prayers of O'Malley and hoped he went painlessly.
I got O'Malley about two and a half years ago as a kitten from my daughter and he has - was, should a great cat. He was friendly - except that my wife's cat did not like him. He was good to our other male cat, to our dog. He played well, ate real well, and became a great pet.
He generally slept with me at night, kept me company when my wife was off at her secondary jobs. I still sit on the porch and think about him and look across the way to where I know he was killed. It still makes me tear up.
This morning we have rain bands coming through which means I have to take the dog out BETWEEN bands. He does not like to get even the slightest wet or cold. Right now he is still sleeping but in a few minutes I will go wake him up.
Even in April it is too cool to sit outside on the porch but it should warm up by this afternoon. I can't cut grass due to all the rain we have had over the past several days.
I am again spending the day ALONE as my wife goes off to do her own thing teaching music, visiting her dad, fixing an instrument for a university professor. And I'm stuck here alone again.

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