Thursday, April 28, 2016

Heading to the country - I think/hope/plan to

I hope that everything will go fine as I plan to pick up my Father-in-Law and take him out to the old country house to let him finish cutting the grass. On Monday I cut my own city yard, on Tuesday morning I weed-eated our city yard and by late afternoon I headed out to the country and did part of the grass mowing before it got dark. Wednesday it rained early stopping me and my FI; from going out to the country. The sun shone bright all afternoon.

It is bright today so I going to call him and plan to take him out to the country, He can mow grass and I plan to weed-eat 'round the house, fruit trees, etc.

Yesterday I did get to finish my newest TPT online store project called "Juneteenth"....
It is just cool history and a mini-project for middle schoolers at the End of the Year. That make 462 projects online. Maybe next year sells will go even bigger.
I still have several more projects in the works and plenty that I have added in the last couple of weeks.

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