Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Blogging too

You never know what's going to hit you, when inspiration is gonna strike, or when it is going to hit. You just have to be ready. It is kind of like it was when this blog struck me. It came out of the blue, the words "life-long learner". I know what it means but it still baffles me.

I LOVE the fact that I can and do still teach students and teachers something new almost EVERY day, it is so cool.

I tend to watch TV and think, "Why didn't they say that?" I was watching a Civil War 360 today and thought about the Confederate money they were showing and describing - the host was from Louisiana, and he never even said anything. I have taught this for years. The 'term Dixie comes from Louisiana's own $10 note - a Dix in French'. It was the amount paid for cotton back in the 1850s and 60s. The Dix - or Dixies - lead to the song.

There are just so many strange topics that come to mind as I sit here "retired". I still want to teach. I want to offer my knowledge to the students. I want to offer them a few 'tidbits' to help them in their life-long journey.

Finished another TPT item for my online store:

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