Monday, February 15, 2016


I spent my morning flipping through tons of blogs but most of them came up being elementary. However, I did find a few middle school blogs such as and . I did find a few very interesting elementary ones also such as  and

I did get the dog out for his business before it began to rain so that was good.

I also slept pretty good last night and my cat let me sleep til about 6:45 anyway.

I began my day pulling MORNING BUS DUTY/MORNING DUTY/'LUNCHROOM' DUTY/HALL DUTY all before class even begins. Then I told to take roll/collect money/takes for this/that item all within 15 minutes before class starts. Then I also have to wait that child or children who is late and also have to deal when that student/students who misbehaves. After that I can finally start my lesson when the announcement's come on and disrupts my teaching. Finally my 60 minutes lesson is cut down to less than 40 minutes. I have to have my 'bell-ringer', my Do Now activity, my quick review of yesterday's work, my 'opening' questions, and my limited material for today, plus finish with my 'exit ticket', BEFORE the bell rings – PLUS I have to be at my door to 'monitor the hallway' between class while watching my own class and student behavior inside my classroom.

 Now I get to 'teach a class without all the interruptions – I hope/think/pray for. It has NEVER happened – but at least I can hope anyway. During this hour SOMEONE will get me off track and ask some question that will not allow me to get to my 'exit ticket', BEFORE the bell rings. I WON'T get to monitor the hall either. This hour I have to talk to a student who missed their assignment/who does not understand what we just talked about/needs something extra.

 Now the next class is entering before the last class is out the door. Suddenly I don't get to totally do my 'bell-ringer', my Do Now activity, my quick review of yesterday's work, my 'opening' questions, before the questions start. By the time the lesson REALLY starts – if at all – I have less than 20 minutes to mentally 'revise' my lesson and change what I have planned on the fly. And I know I HAVE to get to the door and monitor the hallway BEFORE someone complains that I'm not doing my job.

By the time I done with 'monitoring' I have a very few minutes for my 'planning time'. Time to grade papers/run copies/take money to the office/meet with student(s)/go to bathroom etc. All before I have to monitor the hall again – before LUNCH DUTY.

LUNCH DUTY consists of standing and watching students on the pavilion after lunch or after they don't eat lunch. Its 30 minutes of hell just being the prison warden. I have to hang there till they all leave to back to class – there is NO door monitoring this time. I'm just glad to get back to my class with my classroom in one piece.

This hour starts with NO bell-ringer, no Do Now, barely any review of yesterday's assignment. I spend time just TRYING to settle them down from after lunch and/or lunch recess. I MAY get 15 minutes of lesson in IF I'm lucky before I have to get back to the door and pull hall duty.

Finally, last hour, I generally get to my 'bell-ringer', my Do Now activity, my quick review of yesterday's work, and my 'opening' questions. But I don't get much done in the way of the lesson since I NEVER know how long afternoon announcements will take – they may be brief or very long. I NEVER get to my exit tickets.

When the bell rings I have to rush the students out so I can pull afterschool duty/bus duty etc. bus duty alone is general 30-40 minutes but at least I get out of the faculty meeting – if I'm lucky.

Finally I get to stop and do all the things I SHOULD HAVE/FORGOT TO do during the day. Go home on time is NOT and option. I generally get CHASED out of school by the custodian locking up.

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