Monday, January 18, 2016

What did I forget???????

Wait. I know what I forgot. It came to me in what I thought was time to get up. But as I went to the bathroom I looked at my watch and it was only 2AM. 2AM? Oh my God. I came back to bed, made our newest cat move over, then our/my oldest cat came in, made him move over, got back in bed and tried to go to sleep. It did not happen.

I tossed and turned all night until the newest cat jumped down and left the room, he was then followed by the oldest cat. I got up and closed the door, got back in bed, looked at my watch - 4:30AM. I rolled over and just before I went to sleep I though - "Why am I tossing all night?" - then I realized - I did not take my meds before bed last night. Then I fell out to sleep. I woke up at 7AM.

Got up took my BP/BS readings - all good - except a little high. Weight is normal. Took my meds, fixed some oatmeal, and got on my laptop. I will be sleepy during mass today that's for sure.

I guess that did not happen. The priest did a Latin mass today and the church was OVERCROWDED and I could not even find a place to park by the time I got there which was my normal time. I came home and took the dog out again, then sat in the rocking chair on the porch and enjoyed the sun, and went to sleep. I slept for nearly an hour and a half.

I feel much better now but I am now worried about my wife. I know they had a lunch afterwards but still she should be home by now.

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