Saturday, January 16, 2016

Another good night

I may be 'self doctoring' myself but last night was another very good night. My sleep was very good and long. My cat slept with me most of the night, not moving a muscle. Until 7AM when I got up. Wow. 7AM. I have not slept that long in - well a very night time.

I have been taking a double dose of one of my high blood pressure medications and it has seemed to help. I will tell the doctor about it at my next visit. The med SAYS  to take one every time my BP is over 150. It wasn't till two nights ago. The last two days it has been down but still up near the 150 cut off mark so I am not taking any chances.

My doc will be happy that I have slept well and that my BP is down, that I am eating better. I have been having oatmeal every morning for the last two months which I like because it is cold outside.

My wife is done with my laptop now that the honor band program is complete. I get to get back to checking my emails, reading the paper online, working on my TPT projects, and working on this blog.

Even if I will tend to bounce in and out of this blog while I do other projects...understand I'm not far away. I still have things to do later such as take the dog out, feed the cats and dog, eat my oatmeal, wash a few clothes, check emails thru out the day, check/type other project ideas, work on my webpage, ect. ect. ect.

Life goes on.

I even felt so good I got one of my TPT items do this morning...

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