Friday, January 15, 2016

Feeling much better this morning

I got up this morning when the cat came up to my pillow at 4:30AM which let me know he wanted to get out of the bedroom. I got up, opened the door and out he went. I figured he would want back in in a few minutes. Therefore, I went to the bathroom, got dressed, walked to my laptop, took my BP/BS, weight and went to take my meds and fix breakfast.

Sure enough, he decided he wanted OUTSIDE on the screened in back porch. I managed to fix my oatmeal, sit back at my laptop before I heard him scratching at the door to come back in. It's chilly out there plus foggy.

It's now 6:35AM and he is now pawing at my shoulder for some attention. So now I have to hold him and scratch him. He will want to go back to bed in a minute where he will spend 95% of the day - typical cat.

All the while wife is still snoozing away, oblivious of what has gone on since 4AM.

No wonder why I'm sleepy during the day. Yet if I don't do this 'routine' he just might do his business inside instead of his litter box outside on the back porch. He tends to eat well, love up on you, he know a few words - like me telling my wife I'm heading to bed at night and he will beat me there. He snuggles at my feet and stays put from about 10:30 to 4:30-5AM. Then we start all over.

A side-note - yesterday my BP was high but I took some extra high blood pressure pills sever times during the day and this morning my BP was much, much better - PLUS I slept really good.

Now maybe I can deal with AT&T about my email login that still does not work.

It's 7AM, I'm getting droopy eyed but I have to gather all the trash take it out, walk the dog when the sun comes up, feed all the animals, and watch a smidgen of TV........
It's 7:30 and just woke up from abrief catap. Wow.

I sy\till have trash to do, cloths to wash, dog to wall, cats/dog to feed.

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