Saturday, January 30, 2016

This old man

Boy, this old man had a really good/bad night last night. Lets see, the GOOD is that I slept really good because I have a knack of going to sleep almost the minute my head hits my pillow. The BAD is that I had bladder issues last night which woke me up every couple of hours.

The GOOD is that I felt good when I got up about 6AM. I felt BAD because I had to get up to go to the bathroom too many times last night - at 10, 12:30, 1:45, 3 and 6. But I did go back to sleep almost instantly each time.

But I also had one time at 12:30 when I rolled out of bed and fell to the floor as my feet would not grip the floor. I had to struggle to get up. When I did, I was okay but with my mini-stroke, my left side does not really work well causing me to struggle to get back into bed and try again.

Then this morning my oatmeal boiled over creating a mess in the microwave. But, once I got that cleaned up, things took another turn because my meds were wrong in the Pill sorter organizer compartment

that's holds my daily dosages PLUS I dropped one pill. It rolled somewhere and I still have not found it.

When I finally sat down to read my emails, check
for the problems I had last night, and read the paper and eat what was left of my oatmeal I could breath deeply. As I think back on all of the time from 10PM till now, I think, okay at least they have not started putting dirt on me yet.

I just have to smile and move on.

I did get one more item added to my TPT store...

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