Friday, January 29, 2016

Simple to Elaborate

You never have to many things in your online store, it's a lot like Wal-Mart which has thousands of items....
because you just never know what the next customer is looking for - from .50 to $5.00 - I have over 360 items and stocking new ones almost every day.

and I have simple ideas to elaborate ones.

I keep working on my store but very few people seem to notice. As another once said "Sometimes, the knowledge that I'm mortal, insignificant and replaceable paralyzes me. How can people have this knowledge and still "commit to being a force in the world? It's so easy not to bother." She also said "I'm too white" and I have to add "I'm too OLD." But I keep plugging along in hope that someday some will notice me.

But until that day, I will just keep moving forward because this is just something that keeps me stable - remember I AM "The old man and his blog".
*Note that the publication of this post indicates that I'm still bothering, although I have no idea why.

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