Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The last week of the 'new' year

Ever wonder where the days are going? We spent Sunday afternoon in the country with our granddaughter but it was cold and windy so we got nothing done. Monday was slightly warmer but just as windy. Tuesday has been rainy and will turn much colder this evening. Temps will go back down to the low 30s tonight.

I did get a new item uploaded to my TPT account and set up a new sale of a few items for the last couple of days this month.
I have used this type of items before and they were successful.
I have several other ideas which I may work on hold for today since I can't really get out. And I didn't. Barely took the dog out today because it was so cold for him. I wanted to take him out and he only stuck his nose out from under his covers and just looked at me and did not move. You could just see it in his eyes.
My cat slept with me last night but ended up moving around to much til I put him out the door about 5:30 and I went back to bed and slept til 7:15.

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