Tuesday, January 12, 2016

New posts, no coments, no friends

Ever wonder why you don't have readers, commenters, no nothing? I do, all the time. Every day I think about the hundreds even thousands of blogs out there on the internet that get tons of hits. And mind gets none.

I mean, I used to when I was on Xanga. I had readers daily, artists, friends, writers, bloggers. Here on this site I get nothing. But as I look around and surf the blogs here I find that most of them have not posted in a year or so. Rarely do I find some that post regularly. Then to here I generally don't find what I am looking for - middle school teachers. I have found a couple, Mrs. Levinson, Woodbridge Middle School, and Local History Notes . But then I have some 20-25 blogs sites on my laptop, many which have not updated in over a year.

I get the feeling that this site is not where I need to be. Even sites I have listed here on the lower right don't post on a regular basis.  Some of them have not posted since 2013. I guess they have long moved on.  

I guess I not much of a poster either.

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