Monday, January 11, 2016

What can you do when....

What can you do when you really think you can't do much of anything. That's the way I feel almost every day. There are things   I learned almost everyday - such as there is also at TPT another Mr.E

selling social studies items and has a facebook page like me.

I know, right?

As I work on my TPT site plus my webpage I am beginning to notice an internet swing in Louisiana items. Years ago when  began my webpage there was nothing for Louisiana history teachers. I had even begun a 'paper exchange' of items the a couple of years before that but as the internet grew I figured that paper item exchange was not good enough.

I began my webpage as the need became even more needed. Now it has grown up over the years. And now my own website is getting up there in age. It is even beginning to show its age. I need to rebuild it from ground up.

So from this date forward I plan to spend much more time rebuilding, face-lifting, and making over

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