Saturday, December 5, 2015

Alone for another day with one more.....

I am alone but things have been going okay.   

It is Day 2 and I have gotten lots done but not everything. I did get part of the carpet shampooed and will finish today, got my car battery changed, got clothes washed - need to finish folding them and get them put away, got dishes washed - need to get them put up, got trash emptied and taken out, got my blog updated, searched through TPTs blogs and saved a few links to middle school ones that sound interesting. I also got to watch a little TV after coming back from my sister's house late last night.

Today I have a short list of things I didn't do yesterday but I plan to get to them.

It is Day 3 and I am finally going to post something. Day 2 came and went with nothing special happening. I did get 'part' of the carpet steam cleaned. But I did go to bed real early - and I mean REAL early - 7:30 to be exact. But I did sleep really well.

Got up and did my normal routine, read the paper, checked my emails, took the dog out, now going to finish the carpet, go to Wal*Mart.

Just uploaded my newest item to TPT....
hoping I will get a few new hits.
I have been trying for three days to get into my own yahoo webpage but they have changed to another company and the REPETED TIMES I have called them over the past three days I can not get anyone who speaks ENGLISH. They don't understand me, my problems, and I really don't/can't understand them. If you are going to answer the phones in AMERICA. you need to speak AMERICAN English - PERIOD!

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