Monday, November 9, 2015

Weekend PLUS Monday...

I was sort of busy this past weekend. Saturday I was chaperoned around while my wife ran her errors. She was getting her flu shot at Walgreens before our cruise, then we went to pick up a program that my son advertised in at the local Marching Festival, then we went to look for the shoes she wanted. After then failed attempt for the shoes in Sulphur, we head to the Lake Charles store. She found them there. Afterwards we drove to CiCi's pizza where my son works. We had a nice supper then drove back to Stage for my wife to buy a couple more items before we headed home.

At home I followed Tweets about our university football game while watching LSU get beat up by Alabama. Our local team won AND won the conference title.

Sunday morning we headed for church followed by my wife having to go work a 'practice' retreat before the real one coming up. Then she went to play at 5pm Mass.

I watched the Saints get bashed by Tennessee then I finished working on my TPT project.
They all are not quite ready yet to be uploaded. But one or all of them should be ready sometime today - I hope. 
This morning my wife got up and ran to Lake Charles to help her former student who took her place at the middle school put on the Veteran's Day program.
Me? Well I walked the dog, fed the cats, read the paper, answered emails, and worked on my TPT items. Just another typical morning or me.
It is amazing that I have not gotten any comments on this site. I guess that is why I don't blog much.


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