Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Midweek again already?

I spent yesterday working on a new TPT project just to clear my mind of the ones I NEED to get finished. I worked on a new magazine cover idea...
It came out really good and it will give me energy to work on my other projects.
I spent way to much time this morning 'chatting' with AT&T about my email. Seems like my email account was 'locked' due to a huge amount of hacking - about 1,200  "failure notices" over the last couple of days. Clearing my email, resetting my password, and chatting online with AT&T took an hour. And during that time I could not get up and leave my laptop or even do other busy work because our 'conversations' would be timed out.
I finally got it done, and took the dog out, feed him and the cats. Now I have read the online newspaper, had breakfast, taken my meds but I am still waiting on emails to come through.
I guess I better get to work on my other least one so that I can upload it to TPT for tomorrows mail notice.

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