Thursday, November 12, 2015

Been slaving around today

Been slaving around today trying to get something done for TPT and came up with and item - actually 8 items that go together but don't go together. Items that would work for just about any Historical figure in any chapter....
These items come from my brain, my jump drive from freebies on TPT and just from anything.
It has taken me most of yesterday to complete this item. It was fun to work on.
I got up early this morning before sunrise, took my BP/BS, weighted, read my early morning emails, the paper and working on this blog. All before the sun comes up. Now thinking about the dog, what I want to do today, about having to keep my G-D this evening as my wife runs off to her 'retreat practice' again.
I still have other TPT stuff to do but I did have TPT put my money into my PayPal account yesterday. Nice, at least now I have some Christmas money.

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