Friday, November 6, 2015

End of week

This morning I did my "morning have to" items. And yesterday I also did what was asked of me by completing a set of Task Cards for the government section of Louisiana history for a teacher in New Orleans...
She also emailed me this morning a very sweet email offering me the opportunity to lead several tours and do some in-class lectures. Sweet but no thanks. Then she emailed back about asking the university if they were still looking for a professor of American history and Louisiana history.
I checked my emails this morning and got one from Stage saying my package has arrived in town this morning and should be delivered today. It means "My new pants have arrived!" I bought a new set of Hagger pants online when I finally found the right ones that I have worn and worn since the last time I found them at the local Stage store.
I need to start creating new items for my online store. I means I need to start looking around for something else to cover.
I spent the day creating a Time Traveler Journal project.

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