Wednesday, November 4, 2015

MidWeek is OK, but....

Midweek is strange. With the time change it gets light earlier which then make me get up earlier which then means I have to take the dog out....well, you get the picture. I end up doing everything earlier than normal. I just wish I could sleep longer like my wife does. I keep looking at the clock in the lower right of my laptop and groan.

My brain tells me to get up, my body says no way, but the brain always wins out. I set back at my desk read emails, think about things I want/need to do.... (gro-o-o-oan), why don't I do....

I think I have a case of .... let me check my online bill paying ..... I need to check my wife's also ..... I need to read the paper ..... now, what was I saying?

I have been outside again - blue sky, no clouds at all. I've walked the dog at least as much as I could. I've checked tracking of my FedEx package.

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