Sunday, November 29, 2015

Survived the cruise

Yep. we survived the cruise. Overall it was OKAY. We had fun most of the time. The weather was okay, seas were rough, but 'in port days' were okay - way to short but okay. We did have fun in Cozumel and our tour of Progresso was sort of cool.

Cozumel was a lot of walking but I got to sit and people watch while my son, granddaughter and wife had a good time on the beach. Afterwards we went to an open-air Mexican restaurant to eat. We got back to ship with time to space - about 15 minutes.

The next day we were in Progresso and took a bus tour to a Mayan temple and again a ton of walking. We also got to tray another open-air Mexican restaurant which was good. We also got back to the ship with a little more time to space.

My granddaughter spent much of her time on board with her favorite three items - swimming in the hot tub (which she did A LOT), singing Karaoke (which she DID A LOT OF), and spending time with her Mommaw. 

She slept with us two nights, in her own room three nights, ate a HUGE breakfast with us two days, walked all over with all of us, NEVER cried, laughed at the comedy club, enjoyed the 'towel creations and show', loved to take pictures - which the ship at about every three of four steps.

She NEVER asked about her mom, never wanted to go home, never asked about her dog, nothing.

I just ordered the first of my Christmas presents - The Immortal Nicholas by Glenn Beck. A book that I have heard about for months. I wanted a copy - and a copy as a gift. Gift One down.

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  1. Glad to hear that you survived the cruise! Hope you had fun while you were there. :)