Sunday, November 22, 2015

24 hours to go

24 hours before we leave for New Orleans and our cruise. Our son is making a big deal of it on his Facebook page. He has been touting his coat, cloths, gift, everything. Me, I still not crazy about this but I now I must SMILE and let it just happen. It is mainly about ME not being 'in charge' which I always have been. He has done it all, evening printing out all our 'pre-boarding' material. I had already done that but he just handed it all to my wife yesterday.

We just got back from All-State yesterday, picked up the dog, came home, rested a bit, when to vote, went out to supper and came back to start getting last minute items together.

I got up early, did my normal stuff, read the paper reports about our local university football tem going UNDEFEATED last night against our very local rival. 

We went UNDEFEATED even with our first game being against LSU - but then that game got rained out, or should I say lightening out.

We have church this morning, a stop by AT&T, a trip to Wal*Mart or a few last minute items, some last clothes washings, some last minute pacing then off to bed before an early leaving to morrow and a trip BACK down I-10 to Baton Rouge and on to New Orleans and the cruise.

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