Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Wednesday post POST

Yesterday, I went to the bank to clear things up with my accounts and cash the check. According to online the accounts were now gear and according to the teller everything looked fine. Should have known better, more in a minute. She also checked the check, could not cash it, sent me to the branch manager and she said the check was fraudulent. More on late in a minute too. I had been told my cards and account were now clear and clean so I left went outside to use the ATM. They would not work - still frozen.

Branch manager said the check was fake but the CU staff said it is NOT fake and now wants to upload the cash to my PayPal account so that I can get my comp plus finish the assignment.

However, researching the way I do I finally found the info I was looking for at NCLnet It gave me names, wording, how it this SCAM started and what I could expect - which was nothing. Oh they kept trying to convince me that it was not fake but after about a half hour and sending them links to this site, they gave up and have not called since.

I have my bank account back in working order, I have thrown the check away, reported the scam to the NCL and the Fraud division and to the state's BBB. I feel better knowing that I 'almost' got scammed but as a teacher I know better and don't mind researching all day if I need too.

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