Thursday, October 8, 2015

Thursday's good to go...

Today might be a much better day than yesterday. There is mass with my g-daughter, lunch with my g-daughter, ACTS workshop for my wife tonight and - I have no clue what I will do.

I have completed a new item for my TPT store and I MAY work of something else for my store today. Just don't have any clue yet.
My TPT item deals with Louisiana's famed Loup-garou or Rougarou or werewolf in general terms. It is based off a story by someone else's story about a bigfoot experience. I just turned it around to be about our own creature.
I have several other plans for TPT and hope to get around to one of them today.
I have taken the dog out, given him his treat, feed him and the cats, my wife just left for my g-daughter's mass - lunch and she say she is gonna have to pick her up AFTER school also before her mom gets off to come get her.
I work all morning in silence of another new TPT product about the Louisiana Native Guard. Very cool I think.
It's a throwback to my days at Oak Park Middle School - an all-black school which I LOVED!

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