Monday, October 5, 2015

Monday later....

I just got an email from the Credit Union that the check was written on. They were wondering what the problem was also. So with the me, the company AND the CU we can figure out what the banks problem is and has been.

Other than all this, I had a good night, we kept our g-daughter overnight, and my wife just took her to school.

I've done my morning routine with the dog, cats, meds,emails, etc.

I have been texting the CU about this check - which my bank THINKS is fraudulent. But it is not. The CU has told me that when the money is sent back to my account, to just go case it out.

They sent me to the bank to "cash" the check. I told them that I knew that wasn't going to happen but they insisted. I went, the bank said no, and while there was told the account looks like it had been forged. The check had to many 0s in account number.

I texted back the CU and they said the bank just does not know what they are saying. The I was asked if I have an online account? which I do. They said that may they could just post the money there. To me that would be only because you can't post money there unless you have MONEY. So we will just see.

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