Friday, October 30, 2015

Friday - lazy time

You think I would want to get this next chapter done, but no. I am just tired and have not really done much but get the background stuff done.

When I got up this morning I ask myself if I really, REALLY anted to work on my project? And to be honest, I had to say NO. Not because I don't want the project but because I'm just tired to working on them. That will change in the near future I now but for now I want to work on other items.

I have several projects in the works - by several, I mean a dozen or so. They are all at one stage or another. I have weather project, time zone projects, Huey Long projects, 5 teams of geography projects, etc., etc.

I am up and listening to Dallas Strings Quartet on Pandora and looking over the boat that our son has booked us on. I mean I have done nothing this morning for my projects. Also have been surfing this blog for other teachers sites.

Fixing to head out to get a copy of my birth certificate for the upcoming cruise.

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