Monday, November 2, 2015

Monday Again

Seems that Monday was just here a few days ago. This past weekend has been busy yet boring in the same breath. One the weather has been terrible. But not what they were expecting. Just raining and RAINING.

Friday my son had his daughter and Saturday we kept her - most of the day. My wife and GD went to my sons shop and helped with their Halloween party when turned to be crammed full. My wife got home very late. I had been watching our university play football plus I did not want to go get hung in all that madhouse at CiCi's Pizza.

Sun we again got our GD for church and my wife and her went to he school carnival which got rained on late in the day. I watched the Saints game. After it was over I watched a movie when a LOUD BANG knocked all the electricity off for the entire block. Suddenly I was in the dark late in the day. I text Entergy and was told they would have it fixed by 7:30.

About that time my wife and GD came home and since it was getting very dark in the house we decided to go out to eat. My GD finally decided where she wanted to go eat and we left heading that way - only to find out they were closed Sunday evening. We drove around and found a restaurant that may she would eat at so we stopped in.

I finally got a text message that the electricity would not be on til 9PM. Yuck. My GD needed a back before school today. That would be tough in the dark. So we decided to stop by my son's house and give her a bath, wash the pink out of her hair all while we were waiting on the electricity to come back on.

As we were heading home very LATE so we could put my GD to bed I got another text message telling me that the electricity was restored finally. We got home and my GD was amazed that "all" the lights were on - she's only 6, so she had to find out on her own that EVERY switch did work.

She played with her/OUR dog for a few minutes and went to bed. She was asleep in a blink of the eye.

Today she got up on time, got dressed, had breakfast, and has been taken to school - on time I think.

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