Tuesday, June 2, 2015

What do you do?

What do you do when you are left alone all day again?Well, for one I just get over it and go about my way doing what I have always done. I have emptied the trash, washed the clothes, washed the towels, going to Wal-Mart basically to just walk around and get some exercise, piddled here on the web, reworking my webpage, paying a few bills, and just trying to stay busy - at least as much as I can being "handicapped"  as I feel.

I know I not really handicapped so to speak but in one case I am. I have what's known as a 'drop foot' and it means I have to wear a boot/splint on my left foot. Oh I still get around, just a little slower than I used to. I have been told to use a cane but mostly around the house and outside I don't. Now when I go to Wal-Mart I take it with me but 99.9% of the time I use the basket to hold on to and walk 'normal'.

Most of my day consist of sitting on the front porch, rocking and just thinking. Boring, I know. But what else is there to do. I generally don't go anywhere any more because of my handicap. I don't do any visiting - except with my sister. I don't go around the state anymore since it reminds me to what I used to teach and love. It only makes me MORE depressed.

I try  not to snack much anymore due to the fact that I really can't exercise much. I used to walk every day around the neighborhood plus I was always doing things for school and at school. Now. all I do is sit and do 'near the house stuff'. Boring !!!!

I generally don't watch much TV but it's because it's summer and most of it is reruns. I did watch a little college softball and baseball. I was just following LSU but now the ladies are out and I not a BIG fan of baseball even though LSU is still in it. I am keeping up with my Astros as they are making a season to remember.

I guess I'll just quit here for a while and go to Wal-Mart then come back and see what I can get into. The yard here has dried out so maybe I can just go cut grass.

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