Wednesday, June 3, 2015

A great day but an alone day again.

This morning when I got up and opened my laptop Google came up with an interesting image.....
Very neat I thought. Somebody shares my birthday. Wow, wonder who it is? I moved my mouse over the image....
...what?????? Me??? Then I remembered that months ago I opened a Google+ account then decided I did not like it and just closed it and forgot about it. Suddenly this image shows up today.
But being somewhat curious, I clicked on the image and I get....
that same image file I had begun but never finished, And there are people who have joined. There is nothing there but a VERY unfinished site. But look, over 400,00 views. From who, where......?

All I ever really did was give Google my name, being a male, AND my birthday. I guess I will be in their file FOREVER.

A least SOMEONE noticed. Or at least A COUPUTER noticed.

Anyway, I am alone again all day today as my wife is off teaching again at orchestra camp. She was 'dog tired' last night went she got home after camp, then face painting at CiCi's pizza till very late. The kids at CiCi's ran her ragged all evening. Luckily I brought our grand daughter home with me and she fell asleep watching her cartoons about 8:30.
She slept all evening til grandmaw got home about 10 then grandmaw took her to bed where she slept til about 7:30 AM. She got to play a while then her mom came picked her up for the rest of the day.
My wife left shortly afterwards and will be one til about 4;30-5 this afternoon. From there who knows what will happen.


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