Monday, June 1, 2015

Had a good day - sort of.....

Today was interesting to say the least. I got to go out to the country and cut grass. Doesn't that sound fun? It was for me. Time doing what I like. Very quiet, no breeze, no music, no nothing but me, the zero-turn mower, and the grass. Funny, but to me that was relaxing. All I had to do was check in a couple of times so that my wife knew I was okay.

See, years ago her grandfather died out there and no one knew for a long while because he never checked in with home. My wife tells me I HVA to text in at least when I get there, around noon or lunchtime, and when I am leaving. I understand. No problem.

It's four acres, lots of trees, the old house, and the old barn to work around but I like going out there. It takes about $15 of gas and a lunch but I just buy both just before I get to the old house.

The place is haunted. I know that sounds strange. But I have heard voices and seen images while I was working out there painting and putting the old place back the way it was around the mid-50s. I've my wife's grandfather calling me, I heard our neighbor calling me and he is not around anywhere. I've seen the grandfather but no one 'hurts you', I just think he's glad I'm taking the house back to what I used to look like.

I have photos from 1935 and while working I have come across one of the old doors walled up and covered years ago, so I put it back.

To me, as a history buff, I love restoring the old house and learning the stories. The bathroom used to be an outhouse but as the great-grandmother good sick it was move indoors for her convenience. The room use to be my father-in-laws room. He picked out the pain color. I found a piece of the wall so we repainted the room what we now call 'Aldon Blue'.

There are lots of stories about this old place. We have had quiet a few get-togethers out there, we spend the night a few times. There is no TV, so it becomes a place to just talk, visit, and hang out. We have shot fireworks out there, had crawfish boils, had cook outs, let grandkids have church/scout hangouts out there.

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