Saturday, May 30, 2015

Just another COUPLE of days in the life of me

Things or just the same ol' same ol'.

Yesterday my younger brother call to see if we wanted to out and eat. He called my sister too. We all when out and enjoyed our time together - as limited as it has been since my brother works for a company in Houston.

Today my wife has bounced off to Wal-Mart then taken off to have dinner with our daughter. I know; I was not invited. They are talking about her moving into the out house in the country - bad idea - but that's not my decision.

My daughter is divorcing her husband - I understand why. She has lived with her fellow-friend for a while but I guess that did not work out either. My daughter is 40+ but hey she and my wife seem to know better so - do what they will.

The weather is crazy around here. It about to rain here again. We were lucky yesterday. I managed to mow our side lot but the front yard still needs to be mowed and I WAS hoping for today. The back yard is still mushy due to al the rain we have had over the past three weeks.

So here I sit, typing this and listening to the thunder and the coming rain.

Sad, but it never rained. It thundered, clouded up, and made me THINK it was gonna rain....but nothing.

I spent the whole afternoon working on my website, making it better.

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