Thursday, May 28, 2015

ALONE ONCE AGAIN; AGAIN; again; again.....

This is getting old and the summer is just about to begin. But then again when you are retired purposely or forced, everyday is just more of the same. Here I am forced into RETIREMENT and not enjoying any of it. I am not getting my SS check because it would not be enough to make ends meet. I'm just sitting around wishing, dreaming, hoping, praying, that things will get better.

These is no one to talk too. My cats can't talk. They barely love up on you. Now they have the right idea. They sleep most of the day away. Our dog - thinks he is a cat - and he sleeps also.

I have a few things I am about to head off to get done - wash the dishes, wash the towels, maybe do a few other small tasks. I tend to think about eating to much but it always makes me sick - which is a good thing however.

During the day I don't get any phone calls - other than calls from collectors of the bill kind. I do get a few text messages from my sister but general I have to start them. other than that I never hear my own voice.

I guess I better go load and start the dishwasher. The dishwasher is now full and I'm just looking around to see if I find anything else to go in it before I start it - you know the drill.

I've emptied all the trash but just looking around to see if there is anything I've missed. You know how that goes too. I've emptied 'doggie bags' from the fridge, cups from the sink, napkins from the kitchen counter.

Gathering up towels, dirty laundry, things of that nature. As I wander around looking everywhere I tend to find little things in odd places. But you also have to realize that we had our grand-daughter over to spend the night last night. That means things are scattered everywhere - plus I have made nearly a hundred trip to her bedroom taking little items and putting them up. Oh, she WAS told to pick them up - but she didn't get them all.

My day has been filled with little things like this just to help things go by smoother. The dishwasher is now running, the washing machine is now running, and the trash is ready to go out. I just changed the A/C filter. It needed it.

Now I have to look at the next think....dust mopping the wooden floors. I know what you are thinking. NO, I do not want to do your house. 2,800 sq. ft. is more than enough. Doing this everyday is tiring. But it is all done.

Next. maybe I can now sleep or watch a little TV or type here on the computer or work on my webpage(s).

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