Thursday, May 7, 2015

Why so early?

5:00AM -------
It is very early again. I up, have check my BP and BS all fairly normal again. Slept ok last night but you still see that I'm up and at it early. And you see where I'm at, right?

I read the online newspaper, checked my emails, ate 'breakfast' - if you call a pop-tart breakfast. I have taken my meds, checked my bank account, been to bathroom, and just sat and piddled around for a while.

My g-daughter who spent the night just got up. She's eating cereal and beginning ready for school.

6:00AM -------
My normal Crystal Lite is holding me over. I know when my g-d heads to school, I'm going to go shave and then go back to bed to take a nap. There's nothing wrong with that since I got up so early.
My g-d is still eating a watching the iPad before she gets dressed.

7:30AM -------
My g-d just left for school. I just joined a 'new to me' Louisiana blog but all I really did was add this link to that link and hopefully it will get some people to view this blog, but who knows. Took dog out for his business.

9:13AM -------
Been surfing around the web looking for different blog sites to link to. Basically I really miss my old days on I had plenty of followers there and a large number of friends that I made over the years. I tended to blog everyday at Xanga but they changed, started charging, and to many of my followers went elsewhere. Being retired and nothing much to do, I NEED a site to just fill my days. Any ideas?

10:05AM -------
Just emailed back a 'request' I got to apply foe the charter school that I quit last September. They really don't want me back OR maybe they do and IF they do, I REALLY don't want to go back. No way!

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