Monday, May 25, 2015

Memorial Day

Memorial Day. When you celebrate remember to celebrate the people you made this day possible. I celebrate what my dad and his brothers did, what my father-in-law did, what my brother-in-law did, and what my grandson IS doing.
My dad and his brother and my F-I-L helped win the BIG ONE, my B-I-L fought in the most unpopular one - Vietnam, and my grandson, the Marine, is overseeing the Marine Corps special units - much like the Seals.

I believe in all that our troops have done in the name of our country - good and bad, I believe in the ideas they were following - both north and south. I believe in what our troops are and have been doing - both good and bad - in the old days and in modern times.

I don't always approve of them but I really don't know the reason  they were done - so I just have to believe that in the long run, they were for the good of the country.

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  1. Great post and perspective on the role and relationship of the armed forces. They have not always been perfect, and we don't always understand orders, but we support those carrying them out.

    Thanks to your family for serving!