Thursday, May 21, 2015

G-daughter's graduation- from kindergarten


Today we attended my G-daughter's graduation- from kindergarten at her Catholic school. She was so happy. Her mom and her new boyfriend's family were there, her dad was there, we were there, her god-mother and son were there. A really big event. Her mom took the day off from work which was a really BIG event for a five 1/2 year old.

From there my wife took me out to eat - it was brunch-time by then.  And now I'm sitting at home alone and just flipping thru the internet, looking for ideas that I can build lesson worksheets around.


Today is fairly quiet. My wife as nothing to do till much later today. As I check my BP & BS which have always been normal, they were a bit high today. Nothing major, just a bit higher than normal. I simply took my pills and w 
ill re-check them in a bit.

I have gotten no texts, no real emails, my online stuff has quit selling but that is expected. I am working on a few simple worksheets but nothing out of the ordinary.

I've read a couple of web items but nothing major either. Basically it has been a boring day. My wife is up, that's good.

I just can't get over why I can not find a "TEACHERS" blog site so I can get back to being productive and have some real, daily, readers. The internet is such a wide open place...but I WILL find that place soon I hope.

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