Monday, May 18, 2015

Live brain, Dead body?

Why does my brain work 24 hours a day and runs at 90 miles per hour yet my body has simple refuses to do much of anything. I feel that way all the time. My brain tells me that there are things to do, things I want to get done, things that won't take much time or money but my body just will not get up its fat ass and get any of it done.

I have been out and walked the dog, came back on the porch, sat in my rocking chair and let my brain just run wild. My brain says it wants to come in, clean the old living room, move all the stuff from the new living room, vacuum the carpet, then go rent a 'Rug Doctor' and do the new living room carpet. Normal, easy work…all of it. But my body just set out in the rocking chair and took a catnap.

Now WHY is that? First I know it will take a little time, a little money but being RETIRED I have lots of time, and I do have some money, so that's not it. I have never been lazy before, my now?

I can give you answers, my brain is telling me now while I type this.

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