Thursday, March 12, 2015

Zero, Nada, Nothing, but Money, money, money

Seems all these new stores talk about being FREE but what they really are is a "bait-n-switch scheme" so they can get you to work but then PAY them. Most want $50.00 a year to join.

Now I did pay to open my store at TeachersPayTeachers and it has paid me back many times over but the other sites....I will have to decide if they are worth the cost. My Teacher'sNotebook shop has been a dud so far. 1,444 product views and not one sale in two and a half months. That's sad. Real sad. I'm not looking for a lot, just something, anything. Just prove to me that it was worth opening here. At least I have 20 "followers", guess that's something, but out of a 1,000?

TeachWise is simply a waste of time. Every time I go there I can't "find" my own store. I have to login each time and there have been on 32 views so far.. Nothing to speak of. Just a waste.

At TeacherLingo things are a 'little' better. I'm limited to only 10 items and one freebie until I go premium which is $49.00. I have some 30 views but no sales. And most of the links do not work without premium. Almost sounds like a gas war. This site I just might go with and pay the fee. But it is super hard to get around to look at teacher's pages. Middle school is even harder.

The other potential shop sites went down the tube yesterday. I checked them out, weighed them againist what I already have or tried and they did nothing for me.

Of the four sites above one - TPT will stay and one of the others will get my money. Probably, TL or TN other than that TW was and is just a waste of time. So now it is down to two extra sites. Visually TL looks better but link-wise it is poorly constructed. TN does not have the appeal but the links work better but on the same side. They don't answer them very often - better said, not at all.

TN has not asked for more money but that don't do much in the way of supporting their site either. TL seems to be emailing me everyday but they want more money to go to premium but I guess that means better service,

TPT overall is the best site out there. Guess I will just have to wait and see how things play out.

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