Wednesday, March 11, 2015

got 'em, get 'em, buy 'em

I finally did it. I have posted some of my stuff on four different sites plus I have two more in the works. The major issue is that almost no-one seems to want "Louisiana" history stuff. I do what I can and I should be grateful for that.

It all started a couple of years ago at TeachersPayTeachers. It took that long before I really started selling a few worksheets/activities. I know teachers who are making good money on the site - one is my former student teacher who worked for a long time in elementary and now is teaching 6th grade.

In the past month I began to start a shop at TeachersNotebook and as of this time it is not doing well but I know that from several things I've learned along the way. First, it will take a while but there is not a lot of middle school teachers there.

In the past week I have opened another shop at TeachWise and it too is doing nothing yet. However, I know why. II have checked all my items, checked my PayPal links and it all seems to be in working order. At least I'm only their email notices each day and that makes me feel better.

I  also opened one shop at TeacherLingo and hope it will start to bring in a few dollars. Now these administrators are at least emailing about issues I have and information I need.

I still have a couple of shops I'm working on right now but I will hold their names back for a couple of days.

Being "retired" does not mean 'do nothing'. I am on my laptop day-in and day-out. I do have a little extra money to spend on things we need from time to time. I can even move it down to my 'savings account card' if I need something I can't get normally.

I also went by Lesson Planet but they are like so many others saying you can get a FREE trial but their FREE is not really free. It cost you a minimum of $3.33 per month on a credit card.

Please be sure to go by educator, Justin Tarte before you leave to the otherworld.

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