Saturday, March 14, 2015

Made the $49 committment to "nothing"

Okay. I spent my money and just have to play the waiting game and see if anything grows from my new shop at TeacherLingo. I have to pray that this work just as I prayed about TPT and ultimately it did begin to work. Sure, I'm not making a killing but at least the site is now turning a profit. Hopefully, Lingo will do the same.

It did take a lot of agonizing over it yesterday but in the end, it seems like the better site. I am going forward with the choice an copying things over from TPT in hopes that something will click.

You know that even after I have paid my premium, my comments to the forums still do not post. I emailed them and hope to get a reply soon.

I just checked my email and had 17 emails about items that just sold on TPT - 17. Wow. Yet still NOTHING on any of the other sites.

I also have been posting "Which SALE is better, the one at or the other at
tell me?" comments on my Twitter and Facebook pages just to see if it gets ant responses.

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