Saturday, March 14, 2015

Tweet, twitter, talk, post

Tweet, twitter, talk, blog, post, all day today. That's what I've done. I'm sure I made people mad but hey, I had to get the word out somehow. I figured today was as good as ant. I tweeted it and Facebooked it all day. I have been Pinteresting items too.

It seems strange but I just need to get the word out. And getting the word out I am doing. Not getting any results but that part I will never know for sure. All I'm asking is that they LOOK and that doesn't really show up anywhere.

All this seems just as strange as this blog not getting any readers/commenters. I do KNOW there have been readers but most people don't comment anymore. I know I do, because I'm getting emails back. At least I can tell what's I see and hear.

This post has taken most of Saturday between all my tweeting and posting. Plus we have been "baby-sitting" - or "girl-sitting" as she says, because she is NOT a BABY.

I'm still tweeting, posting, and blogging in hopes - just hope - that something will click and bring more customers to my sites. Both have sales and one is better than the other but even those are not doing better. But you just have to do what you gotta do.

I suddenly now have 10 friends connected to my TL page. At least now I can look through their worksheets. Maybe I can even buy some.

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