Monday, January 26, 2015

Weekend with G-daughter, plus messed up garage door opener and heater problem

The weekend started out fine and went downhill fairly fast.

Saturday started poorly when I messed up the garage door because I did not know my wife didn't pull her car completely in. Now I have to call them out to fix it. I'm in trouble big time.

As we started out we had plans to go to the livestock show so my G-daughter could see the goats, pigs, cows, etc. However they finished early and were gone by the time we got there from there we headed out to the country and picked Satsuma's and kumquats. My G-daughter then saw pecans on the ground and suddenly that became a big deal. She and her mom-maw began to pick them up and realized there was just too many of them. After about an hour it was time to head home.

From there we were off to my G-daughter's favorite eating spot. Mr. Gatti's pizza. she didn't eat a lot but she was pretty good then when off to play games - which is why she loves this place.

After we came home it was bath-time which meant a shower in our new HUGE  shower and off to bed.

Sunday was church time and my G-daughter was singing in the children's choir which went really well. Lunch began at a place she wanted to go but she wasn't hungry. At home she played well and watched her Pound Puppies on the I-pad. 

We went to supper at her dad's restaurant. Afterwards we came home and she was tired but she did not want to sleep in her own bed. She wanted Mom-maw  to sleep with her.

That's when I found out the heater wasn't working right. It's a new unit but the thermostat seemed to not be working. Now I have to call them out to fix it. I'm in trouble big time again.

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